Realizing Tomorrow's Value

The emergence of a new business practice

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Anne Louise Koefoed Anne Louise Koefoed
Principal Researcher
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How do companies know that their strategy is sustainable? How do you best convince stakeholder – customers and investors – that your company and its products and services offer a truly sustainable source of value? These questions are central to this position paper from DNV GL, which addresses how businesses measure, manage and strategize value creation in the broadest sense.
This paper focuses on the new business practice that DNV GL sees emerging to create value today in a way that represents a net benefit for a sustainable future – in other words, realizing tomorrow’s value. We call this ‘Tomorrow’s Value Practice’, which:
  • enables companies to measure, value and account for environmental and societal dependencies and impacts on a broader range of capitals.
  • transparently provides information on issues relevant to company performance, and operational decision making. 
  • supports checking the robustness of decisions, and the medium and long term viability of operations and value creation.
  • backs a company’s explanation of its purpose and vision beyond merely delivering profits to shareholder – in other words, its role in tackling the key social and environmental challenges facing the world.

Through this paper, we hope to help inform, inspire and empower companies to better manage impacts, risks and opportunities. Fill in the form above to receive a link to the position paper via email.

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