Taking a broader view on ocean space

Seizing opportunities and managing risk

Ocean space illustration
Addressing opportunities and risks in the ocean space requires a holistic approach – a broader view
The ocean space is a key resource for energy, food, minerals, leisure, and transportation. It represents huge potential for value creation. Yet data and knowledge about the ocean space is scarce, and concerns are rising over its health and sustainability.

At DNV GL, we acknowledge the need for an integrated, cross-sector approach to ensure sustainable activities related to the sea. We were born out of the ocean industry more than 150 years ago. Safeguarding the ocean space is integral to our vision of having global impact for a safe and sustainable future.

DNV GL is committed to contributing to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. In addition to the specific goal of sustainable management of sea life (SDG 14), activities related to the sea make important contributions to other areas, such as; reducing poverty (SDG 1), food production (SDG 2), health (SDG 3), energy (SDG 7), employment and economic growth (SDG 8), innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9) and climate action (SDG 13).

We apply some of the world’s leading subject matter experts to address technology, environment and business risks and opportunities relevant to a wide range of ocean-related issues and industries. Our unrivaled combination of disciplines and cross-industry experience allows you to reduce cost and environmental impact, increase quality, work smarter, reduce time to market for new technologies, and assess and verify compliance with regulation or best practice.

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