WEBINAR: Evolving Foundation Design - Technical Challenges and Implications to Project Financing

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Join us for a complimentary webinar on Thursday, January 31st at 2:00 pm EDT on wind turbine foundation designs!

In a typical new construction application, wind turbine foundations are designed to meet both ultimate and fatigue loading demands for a design life, typically 20 – 40 years. At present, no single design code addresses all the necessary checks required; there is not one guideline which proposes a standardized design process from beginning to end. To address this challenge engineers currently draw on various parts of available codes and standards, and develop their own analysis models and methods based on their interpretation of same. While this method is currently being utilized, a common design practice applied by all engineers is in the best interests of the wind industry and will help drive down costs.  

Based on engineering principles and experimental results, the authors propose a standard design practice which will also support on-going repowering efforts, by identifying potential fatigue issues at existing foundations. This common practice should facilitate decreasing LCOE, and mitigate the risk of a foundation failure, as well as support decisions on whether an inspection and monitoring program is necessary, or a retrofit is required. 

From this webinar, you will gain a better understanding of:

  • Critical components of a wind turbine foundation compared to other foundation types
  • Key aspects of current design practice applied to a typical wind turbine foundation design
  • Main areas of discrepancies between engineers (designers and IEs) and implications to project financing
  • Why a common design practice applied by all engineer is in the best interests of the wind industry
Hear from our experts: Michael Cookson, Hieu Nguyen, Ian Prowell, Matthew Rogers and Watsamon Sahasakkul. Register now!