Tech breakfast: Trust in data driven models - The devil is in the details

We will focus on sharing insights and experience in our data science community consisting of startups and corporates

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Data management and data quality

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    Oslo, Norway

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    Boardroom, 2. Floor @StartupLab, Forskningsparken – Oslo Science Park Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo

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    Free of charge

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DNV GL visits StartupLab to share insights and experience in industrial applications of data science 

We support data-driven modelling and data management by establishing standards, best practices and advisory services. We will explain what it takes to establish trust in data-driven models, and how we can help. In addition, learn how Veracity, our independent data platform and ecosystem, can enable secure sharing, standardization and advanced analytics of all forms of industrial data.

Some of the early movers into data-driven modelling (ML, AI etc.) in the industrial domain are now seeing promising results, and they want to deploy data-driven solutions in their value chains. However, the consequences of errors in industrial domains are often significantly larger than in other domains, and this is a key reason why deployments of such solutions in industry are lagging those in, for example, consumer domains. For the industry to capitalize on the potential value of data-driven solutions, frameworks must be established that can ensure quality and transparency, so that users ultimately can trust data-driven solutions.

Join us for an update on what DNV GL is doing in this field, followed by a lively discussion.


  • Justin Fackrell, Senior Data Scientist, DNV GL – Digital Solutions
  • Martin Høy, Senior Data Scientist, DNV GL – Digital Solutions
  • Simen Sandelien, Data Management expert, DNV GL – Digital Solutions
  • Andreas Wille Søvik, Customer Success Manager, Veracity by DNV GL
  • Jørgen Kadal, Director of Business Development, DNV GL – Digital Solutions