Pilot Studies for a Green Future - FULLY BOOKED!

Green Shipping Programme event

 green coastal shipping

Event Information

  • Where:

    Høvik, Norway

  • Venue:

    DNV GL, Store Møtesal room

  • Attend:

    Fully booked, thanks!

Last year, members of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) agreed to halve greenhouse gas emissions from shipping by 2050. The purpose of this pilot-seminar is to address how to achieve this. We are pleased to invite industry, politicians, public sector, media, research and NGOs to join us during Nor-Shipping for a pre-BBQ event focused on understanding the objectives, activities and deliverables of the Green Shipping Programme and improving insight of green shift opportunities. Green Shipping Programme is a partnership programme between the private and the public sector with more than 50 participants. The vision of the programme is to establish the world’s most effective and environmentally friendly shipping.