Investing in energy

Investing in energy? Let’s talk about risk and reward

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Carlos Albero Carlos Albero
Global Finance Segment Leader
Investing in energy
Accurate fact-based, market-led insights help you truly understand energy investment risks and opportunities, so you can make decisions with confidence.

The energy transition towards a greener, cleaner and smarter future is changing the game for energy investment. There are new players, new opportunities but also new risks. For example, cost reductions in renewables are leading to the fading out of subsidies for these sources and falling revenues for all types of generation. As a result, investors face much greater merchant risk. Understanding this new landscape is essential for making financing decisions that will bring a return on your investment.

At DNV GL, we believe that understanding comes from deep, fact-based insight into the markets, projects and technologies you are considering investing in. With over 90 years’ experience as an independent energy consultant, we can provide you with the reliable, detailed and impartial analysis and advice you need at every stage of a project finance lifecycle to help you make the right investment choices for your risk profile.

In-depth, independent advice based on unrivalled experience
DNV GL gives you a unique global view in touch with the local reality of energy projects that can guide you through the technical, market and regulatory intricacies of all your energy investment ambitions. We are active in all areas of the energy market from market design and policy development to generation, transmission and distribution, energy marketing and storage. With offices in more than 100 countries, we bring local knowledge globally and are uniquely able to apply best practices from mature geographies to new, fast-growing markets.

Our broad range of specialist expertise covers operational excellence, due diligence and market analysis – as well as benchmarking, technology qualification and condition evaluation. And we have a variety of tools and simulation models of power markets, that, combined with our access to many energy datasets enable fact-based, reliable and accurate information and analysis.

In short, we help you understand the business consequences of technical decisions, and the technical consequences of business decisions. So you can be sure you are making the right investment decisions.