Knowing the Internet of Energy and how to unlock the power of digitalization

As the power industry enters the digital age, DNV GL offers the skills, services and expertise to help you unlock the power of digitalization

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Michael Wilkinson Michael Wilkinson
Global Segment Leader, Energy Digitalization
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The power industry is entering a new age. How we generate and use energy is changing, so power systems must evolve to match. Digital and software-based technologies are enabling greater connectivity and controllability, creating a high speed, intelligent Internet of Energy.

In this digital age, data is the new raw material of the power business. Data lets you make the fast, informed decisions that will keep power systems running optimally.

DNV GL is the perfect partner to support you through your digital transformation. Our unrivalled expertise and experience can help you successfully address the key challenges of digitalization:

  • Adapting to market and financial pressures
  • Prioritizing the value of more and faster data streams
  • Sharing information securely
  • Aligning and optimizing new technology with ageing infrastructure

By unlocking the full power of digitalization, we help you to minimize risks and costs, while maximizing operational efficiency and revenue.

Helping you go digital
We offer an array of tools and services to help you successfully go digital across your business. Our services include:

Supporting customers with operational oversight and the analysis of their operational data: among our industry-leading SCADA solutions you’ll find the global solar industry’s largest independent monitoring and control expert – over 2,000 PV facilities trust us to manage their data. Meanwhile, our smarter operations services portfolio includes a wind benchmarking service that lets you track wind asset performance and reliability, and compare yourself to the rest of the industry.

Helping customers identify and predict failure points and providing support on the actions they should take: You can prevent costly corrective maintenance on cables with our Smart Cable Guard solution that assesses looming cable weak spots.

Supporting customers to bring together complex data to answer Energy system integration issues: Our Power Cybernetics services enable integral testing of hardware and software to help you keep control of today’s highly non-linear systems. Our grid modelling services support customers looking into the impacts of higher renewables penetration on the grid. Our forecasting services provide Energy brokers with the decision-making tools they need to optimize the use of various energy sources based on changes in the local network, weather, and the economics of supply.

Database and analytical services where we ingest and clean your data provide valuable insights through performance analysis and benchmarking. In addition to capturing and displaying data, we provide a full suite of analytics services to process your information and perform a wide range of industry specific analyses.

In an ever-changing landscape, we are constantly building on our existing tools and services with new innovations. And we’re developing solutions to help you break down data silos and gain maximum value from your data via our group-wide Veracity industry data platform.

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